Getting Sktchy

For more than a few months now, actually about 6 months I have participated in a community of artists called Sktchy. If you don’t know anything about them, you can check their app out here on their website The application can also be downloaded on iTunes. “Sktchy is a community of artists and art lovers around the world. Discover amazing art (250,000 original artworks and counting)”. The way it works is you upload a photo or inspiration and then other people draw it and post their own sketch or work of art based on the image. Then when viewed, if you swipe to the right you reveal the original image. It is very clever and there is a great community there of artists and “muses”.

The Color and Pageantry of Marcel Pajot

The organic and free-spirited loosness of his representation compares to more solid formal artists and his representation. Is it a bit more Italianate, in comparisson to what I know about more northeren european artists contemporary and of the past? Also, the vibrant color and pageantry is wonderful mixed with apparent Don Quixote themes

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Personal Perspectives

Each of us has their own experiences in life while all the possible experiences can be boggling. In the midst of the chaos, how do we connect with and identify within our own perspective and limitations? When do we venture out to expand and change our direction and when do we reside where we are and absorb what we can from where we are? Surely we haven't exhausted what we can know about where we stand?

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In the Works

I am still catching up on drawings from last week's session at Concrete Ocean Art Gallery with Stephanie, although I was able to get a few sketches out of it and perhaps an image or two worth working to a little more detail. Stephanie has posed for several artists groups that I have been to in the last month, so she has given us much inspiration to work from. Which reminds me... I still have to finish my sketches of Stephanie in the park over in Maplewood. Like I say, much to do!

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