The Color and Pageantry of Marcel Pajot

Marcel Nino Pajot -Autoportrait aux yeux clos

Much of the information available for Marcel Nino Pajot is available in French. It seems he was born in February 1945 at Vergt, Dordogne, and is considered a painter and illustrator
Further information and what appears to be his main website can be found at

The organic and free-spirited looseness of his representation compares to more solid formal artists and his representation. Is it a bit more Italianate, in comparison to what I know about more northern european artists contemporary and of the past? Also, the vibrant color and pageantry is wonderful mixed with apparent Don Quixote themes. The struggling man is represented in many ways being engaged in a sort of spectacle, but also simultaneously on the edge of being overwhelmed by it. He is riding the edge toward greatness adventure and also potential disaster. There is a non-cosmetic beauty to the struggle to place oneself at the center of the action and fury of life and at times to elevate the self above the gritty reality and claim hold of what is magnificent. As Kinky Friedman apparently said: You’ve got to find what you love and let it kill you,” or precisely to pursue it a la Don Quixotte at all cost.

Pajot-Don Quichotte

In addition, Pajot really gets into environments and settings in a dramatic and moody way that contrasts to the abandon of his celebratory figures. Of course the setting below is a more formal and reverent setting in he ominous and grand vaulted room. Nevertheless, there is just a touch of whimsy to give the scene life and humanity.

Marcel Nino Pajot -Festival musique Eglise Saint Amand Vergt

At once, one sees how normal human experience, the mundane struggles and passions of life become something entirely different, or are seemingly made rarefied by religiosity, celebration, pageantry, symbolism to name a few agents of transformation.

Marcel Nino Pajot - Rencontre au parfum de menthe

Marcel Nino Pajot -Dévotion à Saint Rémy, Jacquou le Croquant, Eugène Le Roy

On the whole, I find the work of Marcel Nino Pajot to be inspiring and a source of inspiration that I would like to study and learn more about. Below are some links to more info.

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  3. Website: gallery page

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