Brooks Thursday Figure Drawing at Concrete Ocean


Brooks Being Drawn

Brooks – Gestures

Stephanie Long Pose Tuesday at Concrete Ocean


I am still catching up on drawings from last week’s session at Concrete Ocean Art Gallery with Stephanie, although I was able to get a few sketches out of it and perhaps an image or two worth working to a little more detail. Stephanie has posed for several artists groups that I have been to in the last month, so she has given us much inspiration to work from. Which reminds me… I still have to finish my sketches of Stephanie in the park over in Maplewood. Like I say, much to do!

Below are some images from the last session. I liked the idea of working in monochrome but doing each sketch in a different color monochrome. That way there is a similarity yet a little variation.


Stephanie Reading “Art & Fear”

This one above was the first of my sketches. I have recently transitioned in doing my digital drawings from using Brushes to using Procrteate all because it is just more powerful and has more flexibility to try different brushes, more layer tools. It is just the better way to go for me. I  hung on to Brushes for so long out of stubbornness but it has been demonstrated to me recently how much more I can do with Procreate. Firstly by an acquaintance from Sktchy app community and then by following the art of Nikolai Lockertsen who is a great advocate for Procreate… but enough about the technology, and  on to the other sketches.

Stephanie Reading “Art & Fear”

This was really a good pose from all angles so I indulged myself since it was a long pose and got in a few different angles before the end of the night.

Stephanie Reading “Art & Fear”

The version in red is a bit more finished and I really like where it is going, but it still needs a little bit of work on the likeness in profile. Bryan Pease has worked hard to really set up some good quality lighting at his gallery and studio. Somebody commented on my sketches  on the lovely light. I have to be grateful for such a well lit and inspiring weekly session.

Stephanie Reading “Art & Fear”

The last image in orange is one in which Stephanie was sitting reading between posing and as is often the case, there is a certain power to the casuan “un-posed” pose. I liked the direct straight-on view. So, I asked her if I could take a snap and work on that pose later.

By the way, the book Stephanie was reading was “Art and Fear : Observations on the Perils and Rewards of Artmaking“. It sounded like a good read. And $3 and change used on is not a bad price. It is where I get many books.

Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking