For more than a few months now, actually about 6 months I have participated in a community of artists called Sktchy. If you don’t know anything about them, you can check their app out here on their website The application can also be downloaded on iTunes.

“Sktchy is a community of artists and art lovers around the world. Discover amazing art (250,000 original artworks and counting)”.

The way it works is you upload a photo or inspiration and then other people draw it and post their own sketch or work of art based on the image. Then when viewed, if you swipe to the right you reveal the original image. It is very clever and there is a great community there of artists and “muses”.


Here is another example hosted directly on their website.

I can say that for artists looking for a place to find images to practice from and good feedback, this seems to be a great little community with many professional as well as beginning artists. And for those serious artists it even appears that some are able to sell their work through Sktchy’s Shop.

Sktchy Shop

I am inspired by a recent interview titled “wisdom comes from the mistakes we make” on the Sktchy Blog with Benjamin Zayas who I follow on Sktchy. Seeing people like Benjamin really think through their process and inspires me to take it  to the next level with my Sktchy images. Read his interview if you like and also, check out Sktchy if y0u like.